positioning and value addition!

We begin our design process with research into how real people behave.

mangos mediacom creates value for businesses by delivering high-end solutions with regard to print ads, photography, web solution, etc..

Advertising Agency , Ahmedabad

We initiate from the very root, and with the ongoing procedure, we carefully determine and try working towards providing maximum output with the minimum input and have creative solutions that could collaborate easily with your marketing strategies. We firmly believe that advertising is basically about persuasion and…persuasion is a combination of science and art. As we develop and design an advertisement, we brainstorm as a team and the resultant is the explosion of data that is required to connect the product with consumers across a multitude of platforms.

We craft strategies that employ new technique to generate more sales. We offer a sophisticated understanding to our clients of how their messages touch consumers. We let them know what they need to do to spread their name in an era where interference and replication are no longer effective.

At mangos, we design fresh creative to show you what really sells.

Under advertising, we help you with

  • Branding Solution
  • Logo Design and Identity Creation
  • Product launches
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Print Ad Designs
  • Outdoor Display Design and Printing
  • Printing Solutions
  • Television Commercials / Ads
  • Corporate & Retail Branding
  • Copy and Content Writing
  • Corporate News Letters
  • Indoor Signage Design and Printing
  • Outdoor Signage Design and Printing
  • Direct Mail and Mass Email Marketing (Database marketing)
  • Media Planning
  • Media Buying
  • Radio
  • Print Ads (News Papers & Magazine)
  • Brand Activation
  • Stall and Exhibition Design

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